When is Vatsyayana Mahotsav celebrated?

Vatsyayana Mahotsav is celebrated from 1 February to 28 February every year

Valentines Day Celebrations

Where is Vatsyayana Mahotsav (Mahotsava) or Vatsyayana Diwas held?

Vatsyayana Diwas/Mahotsava is held at Fantastic Hillside Vatsyayana Resort, With Glorious Himalayan Views, Tucked Away In Village Dudhodi Tehsil Sult, Manila Range, Uttarakhand.

Borne out of a passion for love, and of an abiding dedication to preserving the sanctity of man-woman relationships.

The discourse by the great scholar Vatsyayana holds a special place in the echelons of literature.

Through this unique festival, we celebrate Vatsyayana and his edicts of love in the month of February, with an amalgamation of activities and events centered on the pious bond between two partners.

Vatsyayana – A Himalayan Boutique Resort invites you to participate and share our vision of providing couples with a conducive environment to explore facets of their relationship hitherto unbeknown, and to delve deeper into myriad links that tie them together as one.

We celebrate this union through amazing cuisine focusing on ingredients that positively induce sensuality such as aphrodisiacs, and through simplistic endeavors that enhance the mutual trust that may have been eroded with the travails of time in the hectic city lives.

So, can we entice you enough to join us on this wonderful journey through the Kama?


With the blessings of Kameshwar Mahadev, we welcome you to the Shivalik foothills of Kumaun to the quaint village of Dudhodi near the provincial town of Sult.

Perched on the edge of the Jorasi Range in Manila, Uttarakhand, this Mahotsav will celebrate the origin of the Kama from the ink of the great philosopher Vatsyayana.

Some of the unique facets are nuanced as under:

  1. Explore the various tenets outlined in his treatise, and their application in the 21st Century
  2. Understand the impact of nature and the environment on the perception of sensual bliss
  3. Delve into the influence of ingredients on our anatomy, our hormones, and our thoughts
  4. Read thoughts, aspirations, and life’s experiences of academically elevated individuals
  5. Last, but not least, H A V E F U N !!!

Welcome To The Fantastic Hillside Vatsyayana Resort, With Glorious Himalayan Views, Tucked Away In Village Dudhodi Of Manila Range, Uttarakhand.

Explore Nuanced Luxury Through Discreet Service | Feel Your Relationship Strengthen With Conviction | Discover Culinary Delights With A Hint Of Aphrodisiacs | Absorb Knowledge Through Intellectual Experiences.

Valentines Day Celebrations


Rang Ullas: Rang is the spiritual power of healing the mind through the vibrancy of colors, woven through the fabric of life and love, & Ullas is the spontaneous expression of pure joy, of unbridled passion that manifests pure emotions without reason.

Rang Ullaas is this natural desire, intertwined through this beautiful amalgamation of color and expression.

The playfulness of intimacy and the innocence of relationships make this play with colors flirtatious, fun & frolic.

At Kriya – The Spa, with our ancient understanding of body chakras, the holistic application of colors is used, either directly or through hues and patterns, to rebalance and stimulate the latent energy of our human body.

Valentines Day Celebrations

Role Play: Ever thought of enacting a character, and creating an indelible experience while enjoying a fascinating stay amidst the Himalayan countryside?

Well, at Vatsyayana, you can fashion any make-believe scenario with our subtle assistance to surprise your own companion for that oh so special moment!

Overcome your deepest inhibitions, let your feelings flow unabated, and since the bond strength between yourselves as you explore the depths of your own imagination.

Kriya – The Spa will assist you to shed the pretense, throw away the masks, and share the real you with your partner!

Vatsyayana Mahotsav


Rasa has several meanings in the Sanskrit language including ‘mood’, ‘emotion’, ‘expression’, or ‘sentiment’. At Vatsyayana, we have attempted to customize the surrounding features and elements of feelings to help you emotionally connect with your partner with the nine Rasas that cover all of the human emotions, otherwise known as the Navarasa.

We detail the Vatsyayana Navarasa as under:

  1. Veera: Hiking in the Hills with our Huskies – explore the countryside, our fruit orchard, and the local village with our Huskies as your guide dogs
  2. Raudra: Excursion to Cupid’s Point– take a walk up the hillside for a tea and tête-à-tête with your partner at a unique heart point in a forest enclosure
  3. Vibhatsya: Spine-chilling Hike to Haunted House – experience the excitement and the tingling sensation as you take in the stories and the legend of a unique abandoned hill house
  4. Adbhuta: Stargazing at the Skytop – a magical sight to behold is the Akash Ganga, or the Milky Way, as you jot the paths taken by constellations from our rooftop touching the skies
  5. Sringara: Swinging to fragrant Hindola Garden – spend precious moments on a Jhula with your beloved as the valley of flowers take you back to a time of unbridled romance
  6. Karuna: Romantic Candlelit Dinner – the warm glow of candles light up the twinkling eyes as they speak a thousand unsaid words as you savor cuisine created with love
  7. Bhayanaka: Brave the Raas-Tila – encourage, but with care, as you hold hands and trust each other to conquer this unique trail of passionate rocks overlooking the mighty Himalayas
  8. Hasya: Ananda – Private Theatre Lounge – let your vocal cords rip for a Karaoke, take in a live game of your choice or view a reel of your heart’s desire at our in-house personal theatre
  9. Shanta: Kameshwar Mahadev Temple – spend time connecting with each other on a whole new level, through solace in the quietude of these glorious hills of Kumaun.


  • Guest Welcome with Gulaabjal Sprinklers – very traditional, good for the skin, leaves no stains
  • Gulaabjal with a Rose in a Glass Bowl for In-room Welcome – sweet fragrance, very light
  • Use Rose Extract, Petals, Flavour in ONE Dish per meal for Lunch & Dinner throughout the month as part of the main course:
    • Create Menu Options with Recipe for Guest Information
    • Curate Guest Cooking Session using Rose Ingredients
  • Signature Mocktail / Cocktail created using Rose Petals & Extract served as Sundowner
  • 1 Bottle of Rose Wine for all bookings on 14th Feb
  • Late Night Service of Betel Leaf with Gulkand – small pieces folded with a Clove, served as an aphrodisiac, can be done by HK or by F&B immediately post Dinner
  • Giveaway Options with Vatsyayana tags:
    • Gulkand procured directly from Pushkar, packaged in jute pouches
    • Stationary made of Handmade Paper with Rose Petals – photo frames, pads, etc
    • Rose Seed Paper / Pencils
  • Book Collection for Guest Reading with Titles based on Love, Relationships, Teachings of the Kamasutra, etc.

What are synonyms or other names of Vatsyayana Mahotsav?

Alternate name: Vatsyayana Diwas, Valentine’s day, Valentines Week, Valentines Month.