How can I reach Jim Corbett National Park from Mumbai in Just 5 hours?

To reach Jim Corbett from Mumbai in five hours, you have to take a flight from Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International to Bareilly Airport.

Mumbai to Jim Corbett National Park in Just 5 Hours

The best and fastest route from Mumbai to Jim Corbett National Park:

From Mumbai to Bareilly you will reach in just 3 hours by flight and from there you can take any taxi, which will take you easily to Jim Corbett. The journey from Bareilly airport to Jim Corbett is just 2 hours. This route is the fastest way to reach Jim Corbett from Mumbai.

Mumbai to Jim Corbett National Park in Just 5 Hours

Corbett National Park, the oldest park in India, is one of the top holiday destinations for nature-lovers, holiday-goers from all over the world as well as adventure lovers in the world.

The park is located in Ramnagar, a city in the state of Uttarakhand, India, about 260 km from New Delhi. Being within close proximity of the national capital city of India, the park is accessible via railways and roads without any difficulty.

Here, you may locate exact records on a way to attain Corbett National Park-

Over the years Jim Corbett has become a great adventure destination apart from a remarkable naturalist. Which makes it blessed with remarkable observation, fleet-footedness, and amazing stamina.

One who visits here becomes so energetic that he wants to examine the characteristics of the wild area and the movement of the natural world as all the senses begin to feel it within the forests.

There are 19 types of tigers and 14 leopards in Jim Corbett. In the past, Jim Corbett National Park has played an important role within the status quo.

The best road route from Delhi to Jim Corbett National Park:

The roadway is the first choice to go from Delhi to Corbett because road racing has a different experience, especially going in a good environment takes the happiness to the heights of the sky.

The distance from Delhi to Jim Corbett is approximately 245 km and it takes six hours to reach. Both of you can travel in your own private car or you can hire a traveler/bus provider which provides easy access from Delhi. The correct road direction to reach Corbett is given below-

New Delhi – Gajrola – Moradabad – Kashipur – Ramnagar (Around 250 kilometers) :

Whether you are traveling in your own private car or a planned one, this is the best and shortest route to reach Corbett from Delhi. Start your adventure from Delhi and cross Ghaziabad or Noida Avenue, hit NH24 to head towards Hapur.

Corbett avenue direction

From Ramnagar, you can reach the entrance of Corbett Park in one go or visit your already booked lodge for accommodation.

The entire distance from Delhi to Jim Corbett can be around 245 km which takes you around 6 hours to cover. If you are traveling to Corbett Park from places other than Delhi then here are a few different routes you can choose from-

If you are starting your adventure from Bareilly or nearby places, then you can choose your direction from-

Bareilly – Kichha – Haldwani – Ramnagar (around one hundred sixty km)

If you’re journeying Corbett from Nainital then hit the direction below-

Nainital – Ramnagar (Via Kaladhungi) (sixty-two Km).

For Lucknow to Corbett avenue ride, pass for the given direction-

Lucknow – Bareilly – Kicha – Rudrapur – Kashipur – Ramnagar (440 kilometers)

By Rail: New Delhi To Ramnagar :

The nearest railway station from Corbett is Ramnagar which is around 12 km from the park and the station is at once linked to the railway stations in Delhi.

A direct teacher named Ranikhet Express runs from Delhi to Ramnagar that is the first-rate teacher to attain Corbett from Delhi.

You can seize the Ranikhet explicit at 10:50 pm at Delhi to attain Ramnagar at 04:35 am the subsequent day, and once more go back through catching the equal teach at Ramnagar at 09:05 pm to attain Delhi at 05:00 am subsequent day.

The teacher operates on an everyday basis. However, Ramnagar station is the first-rate choice to attain Corbett however alternatively, you could additionally arrive at the Kathgodam station and go to Ramnagar through taxi or cab that allows you to take around three and 1/2 of hours through the avenue.