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Navrasa Vatsyayana

यथो हस्त तथो दृष्टि-Wherever your hands go, your eyes will follow
यथो दृष्टि तथो मनः-Wherever your eyes go, your mind will follow
यथो मनः तथो भाव-Wherever your mind goes, there will be expression of inner feeling
यथो भाव तथो रस-Where there is expression shown, there will be sentiment evoked

Rasa has several meanings in the Sanskrit language, but the best description is ‘essence’. At Vatsyayana, we have painstakingly developed elements of fun, adventure and excitement that emotionally connects you with your partner.


Located on a private hill-top in the Kumaon Hills

Navrasa Vatsyayana Resorts

9 Rasas, popularly known as the Navrasa (नवरस), are the anchors of every performing art and are often interpreted as the nine emotions, moods or sentiments that sum up the day to day lives of every human being.

Vatsyayana Navarasa is collection of 9 experiences for our guests to explore the journey of 9 emotions while visiting the Shivalik Hills of northern Corbett in Manila Range, Uttarakhand:

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Swinging in fragrant Hindola Garden
Spend precious moments on a jhula with your beloved as our valley of flowers hark back to a time of unbridled romance and decked beauties

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Ananda – Private Theatre Lounge
Let your vocal cords rip for a Karaoke, take in a live game or view a favourite reel to make your hearts smile at our in-house personal theatre

Vatsyayana Resorts

Excursion to Cupid’s Point
Take a walk up the hillside for a tete-a-tete with your partner as you let go of pent up feelings and forge connections anew amidst verdant surrounds

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Romantic Candlelit Dinner
Watch the warm glow of candles light up twinkling eyes expressing a thousand unsaid words as strength & compassion flows through your relationship

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Plant Your Love in our Organic Garden
Sow your remembrance in our Organic Garden, get your hands dirty with fresh cowdung and see your love bloom in the Himalayan foothills

Hike to Haunted House

Spine-Chilling Hike to Haunted House
Experience the excitement and the tingling sensation as you hike through the silent trees & take in the haunting legend of an abandoned hill house

Vatsyayana Resorts

Brave the Raas-Tila
Encourage, but with bravado & care, as you hold hands and trust each other to conquer this unique trail of passionate rocks overlooking the mighty Himalayas

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Stargazing at the Skytop
A magical sight to behold is our Akash Ganga, or the Milky Way, as you jot the paths taken by constellations from our rooftop touching the skies

Vatsyayana Resorts

Temple Tour
Spend time connecting with each other on a whole new level, as you find solace in the powerful quietude of these glorious hills in Kumaun.

Vatsyayana Resorts D-I-Y Experiences – Do It Yourself Explorations

We encourage you to explore this untouched countryside away from the burgeoning crowds of the more commercial hill stations with a wide range of Do It Yourself or D-I-Y Experiences. Take in the local culture, delve into the community and feel the sights & sounds of this amazing belt of Uttarakhand.

  • Temple Trail – Explore the Local History & Culture
    • Manila Devi
    • Ma Kalinka
  • Riverside Excursion with Pahadi Maggi & Masala Chai
  • Bird Watching Walk on the Hillside
  • Kulanteshwar Temple Walk
  • Village Experience with Kumauni Chai

Do More @ Vatsyayana Resorts – One Of A Kind

  • ANANDA 1 – The Game Room@ INR 1,000 per hour: A games room to satisfy all kinds of youngsters with a range of exciting options like a PS4, X-Box and Wii. Choose from a range of exciting options and have a blast with an immersive audio visual extravaganza.
    Includes: Fair usage policy for a 60 minute duration for upto 4 guests
  • ANANDA 2 – The Theatre@ INR 1,000 per hour for 2-6 guests: An absolutely unique offering this side of the Himalayas, our Ananda theatre is a fully endowed personal viewing experience with your choice of entertainment. A sports aficionado? Catch a T-20 match of your choice or get a football game under your belt. A movie buff? Watch a flick of your choice from a wide genre of choices. A musical prodigy? Stretch your vocal cords with a Live Karaoke session. Includes: Karaoke Session, Movies, Live Matches, Dice Game for couples only**
    Guests & Duration:From 2 to 6 guests for max 3 hours
  • Hike with our Siberian Huskies @ INR 1,500 per couple: This guided tour take you on an exciting journey through our hillside, en-route our burgeoning fruit orchard, a beautiful Cupid’s Point and finally to the Haunted House. Appropriate footwear and clothing is essential, lest you catch the chill or feel the heat of the precarious hillside!
    Includes: Local guide with Tea & Light Refreshments hamper
  • Exclusive BBQ Bonfire with Butler Service @ INR 10,000 for 2-6 guests: A private experience in close vicinity of your personal abodes for a small group of 2-6 guests. Enjoy a secluded evening with a specially curated menu and a rapturous bonfire at your doorstep. Get the butler service that your group deserves for a 2 hour duration, and have a ball!
    Inclusions & Duration: a selection of Veg & Non Veg Starters with unlimited 2 hour service
  • Candlelit Dinner among the Stars @ INR 6,000 per couple: A truly romantic experience for the young at heart. Pop the bubbly as you enjoy our chef’s gourmet delicacies, and we recommend sparkling conversation to make it an evening to remember. And yes, don’t forget to speak to our Chef if you would like to surprise your partner!
    Includes: 5 Course Meal of your choice (please provide any special requirements a day prior or during booking process as there may be last mile procurement challenges due to our location)

Do More @ Vatsyayana Resorts – One Of A Kind

  1. By Air – The closest airport to Vatsyayana is Pantnagar Airport (163 km)
  2. By Road -Vatsyayana is 326 km away from Delhi and is about a 7.5 hours drive. The route can be followed: Delhi – Moradabad – Kashipur – Ramnagar (Jim Corbett National Park) – Mohaan – Marchula – Maulikhal – Vatsyayana.
  3. By Train -We are 75 km away from the Ramnagar railway station.
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