Unwind in Ultimate Privacy and Romance: Welcome to Our Couple-Only Resort

How do we make sure we take out time for each other? To talk about anything and everything under the sun, and to spend quality time doing things with each other.

Life is short enough, and there are more precious things than always working and planning for the future, as these last many months have so clearly elucidated.

Maybe it is time to realize that the bond between you and your partner is not something that every one of us needs to focus on, more than the worldly pleasures that you can buy.

Cos this bond that binds you together is the pillar of strength that will stand any test that the world throws at you.

Once we realize this, what is the next logical step? Well, the most important is to make time for each other.

And initially, there are two ways to go about it. One is to take out little moments on a regular basis, a quick chat here, a cup of tea there.

And the other? Find a place that provides a couple only resort experience, and spend a few days immersed in each other as a couple.

Himalayan View in Manila Vatsyayana Resort

Now, that is unique in itself, isn’t it? A hospitality establishment that seamlessly blends the best in luxury with a twist to create a couple-only resort experience.

A location is so romantic that it takes your breath away, and brings you together in the blink of an eye.

Escape to a Romantic Getaway: Discover Our Couple-Only Resort

A couple-only resort that gives you delicate hints at creating joyous memories for every moment with nuanced embellishments and exciting activities designed specifically for a couples-only experience.

Imagine the brain that thought of creating such a place, a salute for realizing this void and addressing it in the most satisfying way possible.

So, we know what every couple requires at this time, and we also know what is required to be done. What is important is that we realize at a base level the importance of a couple only time in our day-to-day lives.

There are a million responsibilities in our culture. Be it a nuclear family or a joint family, getting to spend couple only time is maybe ever possible in one’s bedrooms.

And that too goes for a toss when our dear kids arrive, as our lives start revolving around them.

And the rat race, how can we forget the indomitable spirit of the daily grind that is paramount for our survival in our urban lifestyles. So, how do you do a couple of only thing?


An in-love couple only ever needs just but an opportunity to spend a pleasurable few moments together. And this is never age-specific.

A young couple will never need any incentive, as they are always on the lookout for that precious couple only moments.

With age and responsibility, this mellows down. But still, if you are in love, the continuous nagging feeling of snatching a couple only instance will never abate till the day you leave this world.

Ask anyone who has loved another more than anything in this world, and they will tell what it means to be a couple only first, and everything else after.

Relationships are the backbone of our culture and societal values depend on the strength and longevity of the first couple of houses.

Right from our scriptures like the Mahabharata or Ramayana, the ode of love is the prerogative of a couple only.

Indulge in Luxury and Intimacy at Our Adults-Only Retreat

Vatsyayana, the philosopher, so eloquently put the four pillars of life in his treatise, and a couple only binds the family together by being with each other.

Not just this, every text from our fabulous history has fable after fable, story after story of a man and a woman so enamored by each other that they will go to the ends of reason to remain a couple only forever.

Coming back to today, why do you think it is time to focus on the inner self, and on the intermingling of two bodies into one soul?

Isn’t that the reason for the existence of love, and everything we hold dear? Ask a couple only this question – why, and they will tell you in a million different ways the same thing about love.

How many of us can say that we have given time to our partners, real quality time without any terms or stipulations? Ask yourself, when was your last couple only moment?

When you looked into each other’s eyes, just for sake of drowning in them. When you held each other’s hands, just to feel the warmth pulsating through. There will be many of us who may not remember.

So, given an opportunity, would you not want to take your better half (or worse, if you like!!!) for a couple-only escapade?

An uber-luxury couples-only resort that provides discreet service, fantastic views of the majestic Himalayas, and an experience that may well bring the spice back into your lives.

Somewhere you can drive through highways meandering through green fields, dense forests, and majestic hills.

An impromptu jaunt or a well-planned excursion to a couple-only resort, doesn’t matter.

What is important is that you devote time for your relationship, that you work in tandem with your partner to bring joy back into your lives, and that you stay a strong couple only for the rest of your lives.

Welcome yourself, to a couple only resort in the hills of Kumaun, and back into each other’s lives.

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