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As we enter 2021, the world is moving ahead with a new perspective on almost everything. While the hospitality industry has faced catastrophic business loss, as with most service industries, maybe it is time for this industry to evolve. And evolution almost always comes with its share of hits and misses and is not always the prerogative of the adults-only resort to evolve.  And with this evolution will come new ideas, new concepts, and new ways of creating experiences and destinations.

A concept that has had a steady progression over the last decade has been the adults-only resort idea. In the so-called ‘western’ world, this model of allowing adults only for a hospitality experience is available across most the popular destinations. This may have more to do with the way the socio-economic structures are defined in these areas and the open level of acceptance of various relationships. However, this adult only resort idea must have taken time to germinate and become popular over time. But will it be successful here in India?

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To be honest, India as a society has seen unprecedented progression after the turn of this century. Brilliant minds have mushroomed across the spectrum, ideas are flowing in industry and entrepreneurship has taken root across cities and small towns. At the risk of sounding too politically correct, this gradual change seen in the early 2000’s has gathered pace in the last decade.

With this welcome headway in lifestyles, a new set of multifaceted travelers has emerged in these last teens of the 21st century. This well informed, energetic, experimental and inquisitive bunch of explorers belong to any number of categories from our socio-economically diverse populace, and are more receptive of erstwhile controversial and behind the scenes experiences.

One thing follows the other, and as the river that gathers no moss, it is high time for the hospitality industry to create and curate services and products that can match and fulfill the ravenous appetites of this evolved Indian tourist. Nouveau seems to be the buzzword as off-beat destinations and unique resorts see record attendance and overwhelming interest. And it would not be incorrect to say that an introduction to an adults only resort concept is indeed overdue in the Indian tourism context.

Happily, such an adults only experience has been launched already and is generating early traction on digital platforms at this nascent stage.

Located in a pristine location in the Shivalik hill state of Uttarakhand, this adults only resort has started hosting guests from its major source market of Delhi NCR, and has been received rave reviews. What is pleasing to note is that even though the adults only concept is in its infancy here in our country, the reception it has received both from the guests and from the travel trade is very encouraging.

General perception here is still skewed, herein comes the difficulty in propagating such a product in a hitherto restricted market ruled by conventional luxury and traditional budget products.

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Vatsyayana Resort Balcony View. However, every now and then comes a niche segment experience that either takes the imagination by storm or gently ushers in an era of exclusivity. An adults only resort would fall in the latter category, and a gentle prodding supported by artistically created and subtly nuanced communications will surreptitiously create an individual segment of its own in the minds of the traveler. A little research leads you to the online presence of this haven in the Himalayas for adults only, and both the promoters and the marketing team behind this are quick to point out the salient features as being exclusivity, simplicity and an eye for art in the way this adults only resort is projected.

And here arises a question… In a society that is still sometimes ruled by taboo and religious fervidity, are Indians ready for such a resort idea that focuses on adults only? To counter this subservience, a counter question arises that whether the hospitality industry is actually ready to offer the myriad range of experiences that the evolved Indian tourism consumer wants? Are the stakeholders willing to move beyond the conventional and traditional, and dive into conceptual and experiential hospitality products? Kudos to the bold who have been toiling away in the niche segment of hospitality, and an adults only resort is a brave step in the evolution of the Indian tourism industry.

Confidence is key, and so is patience in keeping at it, working at it to sustain in this highly restrictive segment where the target market is finite. But looking at the way in which the involved traveler is leading the march into expanding the scope of sophisticated experiences, it is indeed encouraging that this market is finally opening up to receive unusual and quirky concepts and ideas. And it is indeed happy times that an adults only resort is finely poised to provide as unique an experience as is possible to the travel community that wants to travel adults only!

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