Bird Watching Trails in Manila Near Jim Corbett


Best Bird Watching Trails In Jim Corbett

Bird watching is one of the most fascinating hobbies which has gained more momentum over recent past years. Bird Watching is also considered and in fact, has become a great source of recreation. Being an avid traveler if bird watching hobby finds a place on your list. Bird Watching Trails in Manila or a Birding in Manila. Yes, you heard right. 45 km away from one of the most popular tiger reserves, Corbett is a place called Manila and Saraikhet.

Manila Devi Temple

Manila (Maa-Neela) as locals call it. Famous for deity named Maa Neela Devi, is a Manila Devi Temple 10Kms away from Vatsyayana Resorts.

Manila has been a hidden gem for birding activities. Very few Birders in India and from outside India, really know about this awesome bird-watching destination near Jim Corbett National Park.

From this unique concept resort itself, you can sight 14 different species that are only found in the Kumaon region. You can travel to these BW Trails in Manila and find sightings of some birds that are listed below

  1. Verditer Flycatcher in Kumaon
  2. Blue whistling thrush
  3. Kalij Pheasant – The exotic species of Kumaon
  4. Blue Winged Siva
  5. Black-Chinned Babbler
  6. Black-headed Jay
  7. Rufous Sibia – one of the common birds in Kumaon
  8. Grey-winged Blackbird
  9. Pin-Tailed Green Pigeon
  10. parakeets
  11. Doves
  12. pigeons
  13. Eagles small and big
  14. Owls etc.

Corbett is a repository of the air-borne species. The Landscape of Corbett including Corbett tiger reserve and the forests adjoining it on the eastern, southern, north-eastern, and north-western sides are the richest in species among 14 bird groups ranging from Pheasants to button quails, eagles to owls, both small & big, to woodpeckers to cuckoos, parakeets to doves & pigeons & so on.

How to reach these Bird Watching Trails in Manila near Jim Corbett Tiger Reserve, Manila & Saraikhet

  1. By Air – The closest airport to Vatsyayana is Pantnagar Airport (163 km)
  2. By Road -Vatsyayana is 326 km away from Delhi and is about a 7.5 hours drive. The route can be followed: Delhi – Moradabad – Kashipur – Ramnagar (Jim Corbett National Park) – Mohaan – Marchula – Maulikhal – Vatsyayana.
  3. By Train -We are 75 km away from the Ramnagar Railway Station.

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